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Episode Eighteen, Art and Humanity, is now live! The amazing Evelina De Lain joins us and basically blows our minds. Click “Listen” above to do just that. Also, don’t forget to check out the accompanying blog post.

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Welcome to Good Sentences!

Good Sentences is a literary podcast, discussing a ridiculous array of subjects relating to the writing craft.

Craig A. Hart is the author of the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, the award winning Becoming Moon, the detective novel Night at Key West, as well as numerous other titles.

S.J. Varengo has written a fantasy series (Cerah of Quadar), a thriller series (Cleanup Crew), and will be releasing a new novel and a book of verse in 2020.

Together they have written the seven book Spyco espionage series.

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Good Sentences is available on many podcast outlets including Spotify Stitcher, and iTunes and iHeart Radio among a growing list of others. I’m told you can even hear it if you hold a seashell to your ear.

Our goal is to produce a show which will appeal to writers as well as all lovers of words. We’ll be bringing you interviews with a wide variety of writers, we’ll share some of the insights we’ve gained in our own writing careers, and we’ll have a hell of a lot of fun.

Be sure to check out our new “Meet Your Hosts” page!

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