Building Steam

Ever notice what an odd phrase that is? “Building Steam.” How does one actually build a gas? Are there tools involved? Glue? Where does one learn the trade? “I’m an apprentice steam builder, but in another thirty years I’m hoping to make journeyman.”

Oh, wait. I think it actually refers to building up steam pressure. Yeah. Never mind all that.

The message I was hoping to share with you is that good things are starting to happen at Good Sentences. Craig and I have been scurrying around, semi-metaphorically, to bring something you can sink your literary incisors into, likewise not speaking literally.

A primary focus of the podcast, aside from entertaining you with Craig’s dulcet tones, is to share our own insights into the craft of writing, as well as discuss specific topics with our guest that can enrich the work of writers at virtually any stage of their development.

More to come on that.

Published by Scott Varengo

Blogger, space marine, neurosurgeon and dog polisher.

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