Did you get any writing done?

It’s a pretty commonly heard question among the fraternity of ink-slingers. “Did you get any writing done today?” So, if you’re reading this, I suppose I’m asking you that right now. Good Sentences is a podcast about writing. Have we mentioned that? And while not everyone on the planet considers themselves to be a writer, a lot of people do. Probably over nine. Less than a trillion. Somewhere in between, no doubt, but still a lot. Take it from a couple of guys who are currently navigating those very busy waters.

My Theory: This is what my journalism prof’s trash looked like all the time.

But this isn’t a cautionary tale. We have no use for caution. If you feel you have a story in you that needs to be told, tell it. And what’s more, we’d like to help you do that. We don’t want to be like my first college journalism professor who before, reading a single word written by anyone in the class, told us all we were going to starve to death if we wanted to make a living as journalists, and that if we considered ourselves to be “authors” (a term that clearly hurt him when he spoke it), our deaths would come sooner and be far more grizzly. I’m pretty sure the guy was teaching journalism because he’d failed at doing journalism, but I’ve definitely gotten off track here.

The point is, we don’t want to discourage anyone from trying their hand at the craft. And while there plenty of places you can go to listen about how to market your finished product, we are more interested in helping your finished product be the best you can make it.

We also think that Good Sentences is going to be a resource for folks at all stages of their writing journey. Not that Craig and I have all the answers, (or most, even… okay we have less than six answers), but we also are going to bring you the wisdom of some pretty heavyweight writers, and we’re going to take what they have to offer and dig deep into topics that will infuse your work with new life.

What sort of topics? The building blocks of every story are similar, and everyone one of them is worthy of discussion. In upcoming shows you’re going to hear us talking about character quite a bit. Let’s face it, it’s tough to write a story with no characters. They don’t necessarily have to be human characters, but a story with no characters isn’t going to keep the attention of the majority of people who read. I don’t think. Maybe there’s a way to do it. [Note to self: figure out if there’s a way to do it.]

Two of these guys are me and Craig, probably.

I’ve probably drifted off course again. And like I said at the outset, these are crowded waters, and drifting off line is a hazardous choice to make. Listen, make sure to follow Good Sentences on the podcast platform of your choice (we’re on all the sexy ones) and who knows maybe your boat will be tooling around in the busy waterway, and from the next boat over you’ll hear someone yell to you, “Did you get any writing done today?”

Say hello! Email us at goodsentencespodcast@gmail.com

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