2020 (Starting With a Bang)

The time has come at last! The 2020 Season of Good Sentences is underway! Okay, okay. Technically we started our season on back in November, with the newest episode posting on December 28. Also, technically, I should probably call it the 2019/2020 season, I suppose. Look. It is what it is, okay? I would toss out a “so sue me,” but even though no one ever listens to me, this time someone probably would.

But listen, it’s good news. Our first full new show has been recorded, edited, (more on that in a minute), and posted on, as I may have alluded, December 28.

Our guest is once again Angelique L’Amour, who was kind enough to return to talk with us again. Now there’s two things you need to know about Angelique L’Amour.

  • At some point during the interview, you’re going to hear the three of us laughing. That’s because for whatever reason, our craziness seems to sync up nicely.
  • She knows her stuff when it comes to character creation and development.

As I’ve mentioned previously, a couple of times, (probably more than anyone other than Craig and I care to hear), Good Sentences is a podcast about writing. And let me tell ya, this episode should make writers drool.

It’s okay. Dip your toes.

Character development, as we stress during the show, is one of the most crucial skills to master. And while some authors seem to want to avoid it at all costs, (much like this person with the oddly large head to the left), Angelique has a very interesting take on it, and you’re going to want to hear what she has to say.

Craig at the mixing board. That’s bourbon in the test tube.

Now! I mentioned editing before. (Go look if you think I’m lying. Sheesh. Whatever happened to trust?) I just want to give a nod to my partner for his skills in this department. There’s far more magic going on than the ear can pick up, but I will tell you that Craig overcame some nasty electronic gremlins, managed to edit out almost every stupid thing I said, (this alone took him days), and put together a tight little package for your edification.

So, click here, head over to the episode, and enjoy!

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