What Do These Pictures Have In Common?

Look closely before you answer:

Have you figured it out yet?

Okay. I’ll spill. The second is Maslow’s hierarchy of character motivation, and is discussed in the new episode of Good Sentences. We’ll get to the first picture in a minute.

Full disclosure: I am totally tooting our own horns.

Season One, Episode Five is now available from all your favorite podcast schlepping platforms, (that’s a show biz term, baby!), and in it Craig and I dig deep into character development and specifically what motivates a character. Not to toot our own horns, but I think there’s a lot of stuff in the episode that aspiring writers might be able to benefit from.

As for the first picture, both Craig and I and, I assume, many of you have seen a slew of Privacy Practices updates filling our inboxes. And it occurred to me that we’ve never disclosed ours. That’s where Puzo’s book comes in. We at Good Sentences treat your privacy as though we were all in the mob together. No one says nothing. Shortest privacy practice statement ever.


…in Episode Five!!!!

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