Are You Getting Enough?

Feeling Shut in? Follow us all over the place!

So you’ve subscribed to the podcast, and you follow the blog! You’re a Good Sentences super-fan right? Durn tootin’ you are, but I refer you to our title question. Are you getting enough Good Sentences?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Thank goodness Craig showed up in the lower right!

We have a Facebook Page. Normally we post here to announce a new episode, but we also engage, occasionally, in some FB only craziness.

We have a Twitter account. I think we all know Twitter is a lawless wasteland, which is what makes it so adorbs.

We have an Instagram account. [WARNING: The sensitivity police inform me that I have to tell you it’s mostly videos of me talking about the latest episode. Their exact recommended disclaimer was: “Best Viewed on an Empty Stomach“.]

Of course, if you haven’t yet followed the blog or the podcast itself… well I just don’t know what to say.

Here, let me make this as easy as possible. I just wish someone had taken the time to do this sort of thing for me when I was a kid and there was no internet and if you wanted to follow someone you literally had to get out there and walk around behind them.

Published by Scott Varengo

Blogger, space marine, neurosurgeon and dog polisher.

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