Chaucer? Don’t Get me Started!

Geoffrey Chaucer is a jerk. If I could get my hands on him right now, UGH! I’m serious, you guys. Don’t get me started.

Having met the man, I can tell you listening to him read is like listening to a cat explode.

Listen, Craig and I talked about this turd today in the Morning Minute, because today back around 1400 or so, he read his magnum opus, The Canterbury Tales, in the court of King Richard II, and let me tell you Dick Deux and I feel pretty much the same.

Really, the best thing for you to do is listen to the Morning Minute for today, April 17. Because then you’ll understand my animosity, and I won’t have to talk about this horse’s patoot any longer.

Published by Scott Varengo

Blogger, space marine, neurosurgeon and dog polisher.

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