Plot (and Character) – Pt. 2

Episode 17 of Good Sentences is now available anywhere you go to when you want to hang out with podcasters. Literally everywhere. I think you can ask a bus driver to play it and he’ll just open his mouth and the Lawn Dart opening will start coming out. (This may vary from bus driver to bus driver, so we offer no warranty on that particular point).

You might think this is a filter,
but when you hear how
she sparkles in this episode
you’ll know the truth

Angelique L’Amour is with us once again, and she really did all the heavy lifting in this part. She kind of end up interviewing us, and I have subsequently learned that her final year of college was spent in journalism school. So that learnin’ stuck, as we say in my little hometown.

But seriously, we continue the discussion started, oddly enough, in Pt. 1, and learn whether or not Craig and Scott pre-plan the plot when they write, (hint: I’m lucky I can pre-put pants on before leaving the house), and we give some insight into our co-authoring process, and deal with the subject of writer’s block a bit, (Angelique offers some very practical advice on the matter).

One of my personal favorite parts of the talk was when Angelique shared about symbolism in her dad’s work, (hint: his answer to her question about it is perfect!)

Take a look at a few of the things mentioned in this episode:

So by all means, feast your literary ear holes!

Art and Humanity with Evelina De Lain Good Sentences

Craig and Scott talk with pianist, author, and world record holder Evelina De Lain about music, art, humanity, psychology, music therapy, and MORE on today's Good Sentences podcast.
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  4. Mark Twain and Halley's Comet
  5. Chaucer Spins a Tall Tale

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