Do you like Good Sentences?

That’s a silly question. Of course you do. Everyone does. In fact the only people who don’t like Good Sentences are either A) criminals, probably or B) haven’t heard of it yet.

This guy, who we’ll call Hank, although his name is actually Morris, is obviously two things, a cartoon and a criminal. And he doesn’t listen to Good Sentences!

But you, my friends, you are not criminals. What is criminal is that more people aren’t following our various social media outlets. You are not going to want to miss the Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage. Oh, wait. I meant coverage of the Pulitzer Prize winners. Well, we really don’t do a lot of that either. But for real, you need to subscribe to every single Good Sentences-related social media format.

Now, a lot of media superstars might not go the extra mile for you. They will ask you to follow them on social media platforms that most people have ever heard of. “Hi, I’m [insert famous person’s name here]! Why aren’t you following me on Runtgiggle yet? It’s the hippest!” But they won’t help you do it. They won’t give you links to follow! They won’t show you cool screen captures so show you the fun and hilarity going on. They won’t even spell “Runtgiggle” for you so that you can look it up for yourself. Maybe they are criminals as well.

Fortunately select other media superstars, such as Craig A. Hart, and, I suppose, myself will, in fact, go that extra mile. Well, at least a half-mile. Okay, I’ll come out onto the porch and point. But I’ll do the other stuff too. Just as Craig would if he was Good Sentences rank and file like me, and not what we call in the entertainment business, “The Talent.” Don’t worry about that now, though.

So here’s my question: What word comes after “Social” and rhymes with “his knees?” That’s right, “Media!” No, no. Wait. I’m really bad at rhyming. But anyway, yeah. Social Media. That’s what we’re talking about!

The Website

Evidence that this lazy man, (whose style I admire) is listening to Good Sentences:
He’s, uh, that is to say he could be, uh..
Okay. So there is no real evidence that he is listening to anything,
Which considering his ears, is a pity.

I shouldn’t really need to point out that you are technically you’re viewing social media right now. If you didn’t see that coming, you’re in a safe place and we won’t shame you, but yeah! This here blog! I post stuff and, if you want to you can leave a comment. You can also follow the blog, which is handy, because when we release a new episode I write a companion post and thanks to the fine folks at WordPress (Motto: “It’s amazing how good we can make even someone like you look on the interweb,”) I can (and do) embed a podcast player right in the post. If you’re lazy, and I hope you are, you can read and listen all in the same place.

So tell all your pals, and here’s the link for you to share, because sharing is caring:

Good Sentences Companion Website and Blog


You can’t really talk about social media and not talk about Runtgiggle.

Of course, I’m actually talking about Facebook, which has fewer letters and therefore, to a lazy man, is better.

This is a genuine screen cap of the very page to which I’m referring

This place has everything. You can follow just about anyone on Facebook. But don’t. Because that would mean you’re following seven billion people and you might not have time to visit the Good Sentences Facebook Page, which you should most definitely do. Even if you choose to follow all seven billion, you should read us first. In fact, if you want to tell the other 6,999,999,998 people that you’re looking at their cat and food pictures regularly while actually blowing them off, we’ll play along. Watch this:

Yeah. She totally did.”

Convincing, right?


Although I’ve enjoyed Twitter a lot less since 2016 or so when it started to get all “stable and brilliant,” I’m not going to let the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind steal my love of Twitter. Because although there’s a madman on the loose, (but hey let’s not talk about my account), there is also The Good Sentences Tweetfest. And if anyone has been paying attention, two of the hosts of Good Sentences actually met on Twitter. Also, for those of you who are mathematically challenged, like me, there are two hosts on Good Sentences. So there’s that, too.


Who doesn’t like pictures? No, I’m asking. Who doesn’t? Let me know your names and I won’t give you the link to our Instagram account. The rest of you should take a look.

Clockwise from bottom-right:
Elf-ear hat, Camera-mirrored Syracuse Hat, No hat, different guy, backwards hat.

The majority of the Insta posts are videos of me, and for that, I apologize profoundly. But look how adorable I am. And look how stern Craig looks. He may be the Talent, but I’m the life of the party, at least the Instagram version. Actually, I look pretty blasé myself, except in the one with the Syracuse University hat, (which the camera mirrored for me). I look a little like one of those odd cats who are even too lazy to put their tongue away after they get done licking themselves. That is Buddha-level laziness right there.

Anyway, I post a video when we post an episode. And if you follow us, Instagram will happily let you know every time I do this thing.

To conclude, Social his knees, website, FB page, Twits, and Insta. Follow the links, hunt us down like the wild beasts we are, and like, follow, subscribe… whatever behavior the particular platform indicates is appropriate. Because you really need to see more pictures of me.

I kid.

2020, Motto:
“You’re still doing better than those folks during the Bubonic Plague days.
They didn’t even get a 60-game baseball season
They got more plague.

We have some good things in store for our listeners in the second half of this, err, amazing year. Yeah, that’s the ticket

And in case you’ve missed any of the recent episodes, we’ve had some great conversations with Angelique L’Amour and Evelina De Lain and the two of us recently recorded an episode which will be emerging from the great primordial ooze that is the editing room. [Memo to Me: ask Craig which room is the editing room. Is it the same as the recording studio?]

Oh! While we’re on the subject: Craig and I are accepting bids on the naming rights for the Good Sentences virtual studio.

So share, share, share! Get your friends involved and then use that one secret you’ve been keeping to coerce them into sharing as well. Use mind control, if you have this skill. You will be rewarded. Not by us, of course. We use Karma to dispense our rewards.

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Blogger, space marine, neurosurgeon and dog polisher.

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