"What'd you just say?"

Dialogue. Simply put, it is one of the most crucial elements of any form of written narrative. The words a character speaks, the interplay of words between two or more characters… its importance cannot be overstated. Well, maybe it can be overstated. I guess we’ll find out by the end of the episode and/or thisContinue reading “"What'd you just say?"”

A Chat with J.A. Jance

If you love mysteries, the chances are very good that you are familiar with J.A. Jance. She is the NY Times best-selling author of not one, but four successful series, beginning with the J.P. Beaumont novel Until Proven Guilty in 1985. Her other marquee characters, Joanna Brady, Ali Reynolds, and the Walker family round outContinue reading “A Chat with J.A. Jance”

Killing Your Darlings

Have you been exposed to the famous quote of William Faulkner? Well, if you haven’t, you have been now. But before we discuss this, there is some necessary housekeeping in order. First, Faulkner may have said it at one point or another, but the quote does not originate with him. In an excellent article calledContinue reading “Killing Your Darlings”

What Do These Pictures Have In Common?

Look closely before you answer: Have you figured it out yet? Okay. I’ll spill. The second is Maslow’s hierarchy of character motivation, and is discussed in the new episode of Good Sentences. We’ll get to the first picture in a minute. Season One, Episode Five is now available from all your favorite podcast schlepping platforms,Continue reading “What Do These Pictures Have In Common?”

Did you get any writing done?

It’s a pretty commonly heard question among the fraternity of ink-slingers. “Did you get any writing done today?” So, if you’re reading this, I suppose I’m asking you that right now. Good Sentences is a podcast about writing. Have we mentioned that? And while not everyone on the planet considers themselves to be a writer,Continue reading “Did you get any writing done?”

Craig Johnson

Walt Longmire is not your average hero, and Craig Johnson is not your average author. In this interview two Craigs, (the author and our very own Craig Hart) discuss how Johnson originally planned for Longmire to be a one and done, and how it developed into a series. He also discusses the experience of havingContinue reading “Craig Johnson”

Good Sentences? So what?

So here we sit at the starting line of a new venture. A podcast. About writing. Featuring writers. How original, right? Just like the dozens of others that litter the literary discussion minefield. Why should we care about this one? Jeez. Take it easy, will ya? We’re just getting started and already you’re like theContinue reading “Good Sentences? So what?”