Do you like Good Sentences?

That’s a silly question. Of course you do. Everyone does. In fact the only people who don’t like Good Sentences are either A) criminals, probably or B) haven’t heard of it yet. But you, my friends, you are not criminals. What is criminal is that more people aren’t following our various social media outlets. YouContinue reading “Do you like Good Sentences?”

Art and Humanity with Evelina De Lain

Two things need to be said before we get to the meat of this post, and to the story of Episode 18. First, you need to know that ten minutes before world-renown, world-record-holding musician Evelina De Lain sat down to talk with Craig and me, she was bicycling in the rain through London. Second, youContinue reading “Art and Humanity with Evelina De Lain”

Plot (and Character) – Pt. 2

Episode 17 of Good Sentences is now available anywhere you go to when you want to hang out with podcasters. Literally everywhere. I think you can ask a bus driver to play it and he’ll just open his mouth and the Lawn Dart opening will start coming out. (This may vary from bus driver toContinue reading “Plot (and Character) – Pt. 2”

Plot (And Character)

Alright. First things first. This episode of Good Sentences (Episode 16, if you’re the sort who keeps track), deals with plot as a literary device, and it features our frequent visitor and good friend Angelique L’Amour sharing her thoughts on the topic along with the primary lunatics. Before I go long on that, however, IContinue reading “Plot (And Character)”

Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet

April 21 The latest Morning Minute tells a bit about Mark Twain’s birth (which occurred when Halley’s Comet was visible from Earth), and a bit more about his death in 1910, (when the comet was again visible in the sky). There was also a bit of discussion about the fact that one of the hostsContinue reading “Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet”

Chaucer? Don’t Get me Started!

Geoffrey Chaucer is a jerk. If I could get my hands on him right now, UGH! I’m serious, you guys. Don’t get me started. Listen, Craig and I talked about this turd today in the Morning Minute, because today back around 1400 or so, he read his magnum opus, The Canterbury Tales, in the courtContinue reading “Chaucer? Don’t Get me Started!”

Vladimir Nabokov is a…

Genius? Sicko? Lazy Character Namer? It’s Wednesday (night, if we’re being honest) but it’s still not too late to listen to today’s Morning Minute! Today we learn a bit about Nabokov’s best known work. Also, remember the Morning Minutes (and all episodes of Good Sentences) are always available, just by clicking “Listen” in the topsideContinue reading “Vladimir Nabokov is a…”

Are You Getting Enough?

Feeling Shut in? Follow us all over the place! So you’ve subscribed to the podcast, and you follow the blog! You’re a Good Sentences super-fan right? Durn tootin’ you are, but I refer you to our title question. Are you getting enough Good Sentences? We have a Facebook Page. Normally we post here to announceContinue reading “Are You Getting Enough?”

Hey, You Got a Minute?

Exciting New Feature on Good Sentences Starting Monday, April 13, 2020, the Good Sentences Podcast will begin a new series, The Good Sentences Morning Minute! Here’s what you need to know: Craig and Scott are insane. Currently the segments will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Each segment will deal with some aspect ofContinue reading “Hey, You Got a Minute?”

Reporting from Isolation

Episode 11 – Recorded using 1000 miles of Social Distancing We have had a lot happen in the good ol’ US of A since the last episode. You may have noticed. Basically, the world has flipped upside down, you know… and stuff. In Episode 11, Craig and I share our observations, feelings, and personal experienceContinue reading “Reporting from Isolation”