Plot (and Character) – Pt. 2

Episode 17 of Good Sentences is now available anywhere you go to when you want to hang out with podcasters. Literally everywhere. I think you can ask a bus driver to play it and he’ll just open his mouth and the Lawn Dart opening will start coming out. (This may vary from bus driver toContinue reading “Plot (and Character) – Pt. 2”

Plot (And Character)

Alright. First things first. This episode of Good Sentences (Episode 16, if you’re the sort who keeps track), deals with plot as a literary device, and it features our frequent visitor and good friend Angelique L’Amour sharing her thoughts on the topic along with the primary lunatics. Before I go long on that, however, IContinue reading “Plot (And Character)”

Reporting from Isolation

Episode 11 – Recorded using 1000 miles of Social Distancing We have had a lot happen in the good ol’ US of A since the last episode. You may have noticed. Basically, the world has flipped upside down, you know… and stuff. In Episode 11, Craig and I share our observations, feelings, and personal experienceContinue reading “Reporting from Isolation”