Co-Authoring, David Berens, and a new look at the Founding Fathers

You just never know what’s going to happen when it’s time to record a new episode of Good Sentences. Here’s the problem. Craig Hart is insane. But that’s not the bad news. No, the bad news is that of the two of us… he’s the sanest man in the room. Take for example our trashingContinue reading “Co-Authoring, David Berens, and a new look at the Founding Fathers”

What Do These Pictures Have In Common?

Look closely before you answer: Have you figured it out yet? Okay. I’ll spill. The second is Maslow’s hierarchy of character motivation, and is discussed in the new episode of Good Sentences. We’ll get to the first picture in a minute. Season One, Episode Five is now available from all your favorite podcast schlepping platforms,Continue reading “What Do These Pictures Have In Common?”

Did you get any writing done?

It’s a pretty commonly heard question among the fraternity of ink-slingers. “Did you get any writing done today?” So, if you’re reading this, I suppose I’m asking you that right now. Good Sentences is a podcast about writing. Have we mentioned that? And while not everyone on the planet considers themselves to be a writer,Continue reading “Did you get any writing done?”

Use iTunes? Use Alexa? We got you covered!

Now that the Good Sentences podcast is available on some rinky-dink service called iTunes (or something like that), a bunch of options open up for listening! Play Apple Podcasts with Alexa Apple Podcasts is now available on Alexa-enabled Amazon devices in the United States. As a creator, you’ll find this presents an even greater opportunityContinue reading “Use iTunes? Use Alexa? We got you covered!”

Good Sentences? So what?

So here we sit at the starting line of a new venture. A podcast. About writing. Featuring writers. How original, right? Just like the dozens of others that litter the literary discussion minefield. Why should we care about this one? Jeez. Take it easy, will ya? We’re just getting started and already you’re like theContinue reading “Good Sentences? So what?”